Good/Bad Housing Markets In 2014 May Be a Surprise

That meant less demand for housing stock, whether owned or rented. So a resurgence of household formation would be good news for the market. from 50.06% in 2014 to 50.02% in 2015. That’s “a.

Bad housing markets may have a large number of houses in what’s called a "shadow inventory." The market’s shadow inventory is the number of houses that aren’t listed for sale but should be.

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The data make it clear the Bay Area has done an unusually good job of maintaining its housing affordability for the average worker, but many people, especially longtime residents who are doing.

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But today almost everyone is optimistic. So what unexpected developments could surprise financial markets and business sentiment in 2014? Below are five personal guesses – some possibly far-fetched and others are seemingly obvious, but none yet fully reflected in market prices: 1. Four is the new two.

Independent housing market forecasts on home values in 230 U.S. cities, mortgage rates and the best real estate news.

6 States With The Worst Housing Markets | Wise Piggy – The year-over-year decrease of underwater homes is a good sign; however, the change has not been rapid enough to avoid landing a spot in the top three worst housing markets in all of the U.S. 4. Maryland. Number of foreclosures in July 2014: 1 in every 553 homes. Percentage of homes currently underwater: 21%. Percentage of short sales: 6.4%

In uncertain times, rising housing values have been one thing keeping our collective spirits up. But, as they say, nothing increases forever, and the U.S. real estate market may be about to downsize. In April, national home values dropped a tenth of a percent from those in March, according to data from real estate information company Zillow.

There are sparks flying everywhere as the market falls, but. A rat-tat-tat of bad news hit stocks over the past two months, Wall Street. This selloff may blow over , but conditions are getting ripe for a. The economy has been doing great, and economists' forecasts for. services real estate -10% 0 10 20.

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Surprise homes and real estate are some of the newest in America. 67.40% of Surprise’s housing was built since 2000, making the city have a very new look and feel. If you like the amenities of newer homes and subdivisions, then you will probably like what the Surprise real estate market has to offer.